Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Carcross playground

On September 28th during their recent visit to Canada, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Princess Catherine, spent part of an afternoon in Carcross, Yukon.  Their visit allowed them to meet members of the Carcross/Tagish First Nation and to learn about recent economic development projects aimed at attracting tourists to the scenic area.  They were entertained by the children of Carcross who performed a “Raven Dance” in the centre of Carcross Commons with the playground recently completed by Earthscape as the backdrop to the event.  After the performance, Will and Kate engaged with the children who had performed for them.  The children were thrilled to show the Prince and Princess their new playscape as they scrambled up the log steppers into the playground tower.Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Carcross playground

Photo Credit: Twitter @byEmilyAndrews

The playspace at Carcross Commons brings together the vision of the Tagish First Nation community, the vast histories of the land, and research on children’s play experiences.   It is an additional feature and attraction for children in this distinct and stunning landscape.  Inspiration for the playground was drawn from local history, major landmarks and First Nations creation stories.