“We got the Beet” – when playground designers make a music video

When the City of Fort Collins asked us to create a playground to tell the story of the historically significant sugar beet industry in Northern Colorado, our whole team embraced the development of a root-vegetable-turned-giant-play-sculpture!

The sugar beet or “the beet” was designed to be a playful sculpture with loads of active play options.  Prior to installation at Sugar Beet Park in Fort Collins, the beet sculpture was the centrepiece of a museum exhibit entitled “Once Upon a Playground” that documented the evolution of playgrounds in the United States from the 1900s through to today.

As the beet moved from the hand-sketch design phase, into engineering and finally, handcrafting in our shop, we couldn’t help ourselves… “we got the beet” became our new office theme song.

In tribute, we made our first ever Earthscape MUSIC VIDEO!

Take a minute to enjoy our musical interlude – with thanks to the glorious 80’s and to the Go-Go’s!