Earthscape wins three Mississauga Urban Design Awards

The theme of the 2018 City of Mississauga Urban Design Awards was “Design that Moves Us.” Earthscape, in collaboration with the City of Mississauga and Baker Turner, was honoured to receive three awards:

Jaycee Park:

  • Award of Merit for Community Scale, Innovation and Context
  • People’s Choice Award

Paul Coffey Park:

  • Award of Merit for Community and District Scale 

A jury of urban design experts selected the winners of the Mississauga Urban Design Awards. The six-member group visited each of the eleven nominated sites to evaluate each based on the award criteria. The jury was impressed with two recent projects by Earthscape, and honoured us with Awards of Merit for each. Additionally, Jaycee Park received high praise from online voters with the People’s Choice Award.

Jury Comments for Jaycee Park:

“Jaycee Park is a creative, visually stimulating and exciting neighbourhood park that is well integrated and connected to the surrounding community. Most of the patrons walk to the park, which is very visible within the community. It creates an appropriate environment for social connections and interaction.

Jaycee Park earns an Award of Merit for the following:

• Context and Significance on a Community Scale, demonstrated by the way in which it fits appropriately, yet visibly within its context, is well connected and integrated into the surrounding community, and reinforces the identity of the neighbourhood in which it is located, and

• Innovation demonstrated by the creative composition of visually stimulating and engaging features that give it a high fun factor and make it a fun place for children and adults.


Jury Comments for Paul Coffey Park:

The submission for Paul Coffey Park is for a smaller area located within a larger existing District Park. The park improvement area that was submitted for consideration includes a revitalized existing arena, as well as a new playground with exceptional play value demonstrated by the many activities that children can engage in, and the skills that they develop as they engage in those activities.

Paul Coffey Park earns an Award of Merit for context and significance on a community/district scale. This is demonstrated by the way in which it fits appropriately within the context of the greater park. The new play area, renovated arena, public art mural and a revitalized streetscape all contribute to creating a transformative space consistent with the “My Malton” community vision project.