Our Team

Earthscape’s dedicated team of professionals is the heart of our company.  The complementary skill set of every employee is what sets our projects apart. Our background, education, experience, and training bridges: landscape architecture, engineering, industrial design, architecture, landscape technology, CAD, interior design, visual art, carpentry, business, and more.  If you are interested in exploring career opportunities with us, click here.

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  • Earthscape Adam Bosch team headshot

    Adam Bosch

    playground carpenter, woodworker, boat builder, winemaker

  • Earthscape Alexandra Klassen team headshot

    Alexandra Klassen


    junior project manager, experienced installer, photographer, artist

  • Earthscape Alex Waffle team headshot

    Alex Waffle


    design team leader, big picture playground planner, adventurer

  • Earthscape Alex Wilson team headshot

    Alex Wilson

    play carpenter, Dremel artist, glass blower

  • Earthscape Ana Torres-Bossie team headshot

    Ana Torres-Bossie

    BLA, OALA Associate, CPSI

    playground designer, project manager, off-key singer, crafter

  • Earthscape Andrew Flynn team headshot

    Andrew Flynn

    BID, Dip Woodworking Tech

    technical designer, industrial designer, sketch artist, bird carver

  • Earthscape Andrew Spiece team headshot

    Andrew Spiece

    sawmill operator, natural bridge builder, winter camping

  • Earthscape Anna Nguyen team headshot

    Anna Nguyen

    B.MRSc., CPSI

    logistics & warranty expert, marathon-runner-in-training, ultra-enthusiastic!

  • Earthscape Ben Schwarz team headshot

    Ben Schwarz

    operations + finance lead, "Schwarz", all-season canoe tripper

  • Earthscape Ben Tolton team headshot

    Ben Tolton

    BES, D.Adv.H.

    scheduling team lead, wood craftsman, detail design authority, culinary epicurist

  • Earthscape Bethany Johnson team headshot

    Bethany Johnson

    BA, CPSI

    business analysis, estimator, triathlon rookie

  • Earthscape Brenda Penny team headshot

    Brenda Penny

    administration & scheduling, coordinator extraordinaire, dance mom

  • Earthscape Brett Hibbs team headshot

    Brett Hibbs

    playground carpenter, vinyl record collector, space nerd

  • Earthscape Bruce Martin team headshot

    Bruce Martin

    P.Eng., MLA

    engineer, Collections detailer, R&D explorer, outdoor rink master

  • Earthscape Carlin Mantynen team headshot

    Carlin Mantynen


    playground concept designer, industrial designer, nature lover

  • Earthscape Cassie Makinen team headshot

    Cassie Makinen


    Collections client services manager, scone baker, movie quoter

  • Earthscape Clint Ritskes team headshot

    Clint Ritskes

    site supervisor, drone pilot, videographer

  • Earthscape Dan Van Haastrecht team headshot

    Dan Van Haastrecht


    project manager, landscape architect, traveler

  • Earthscape David Hoover team headshot

    David Hoover

    play carpenter, outdoor lover, wannabe chef, producer of fine arts

  • Earthscape David Koiter team headshot

    David Koiter


    playground engineer, guitar craftsman, rally car driver

  • Earthscape Dennis Taves team headshot

    Dennis Taves


    project manager, drainage specialist, soccer player

  • Earthscape Dorothy Christiaens team headshot

    Dorothy Christiaens

    office administrator, command central, proud grandma

  • Earthscape Dylan Torraville team headshot

    Dylan Torraville


    playground concept designer, marsupial maestro, fruit lover, podcaster

  • Earthscape Ehren Katzur team headshot

    Ehren Katzur

    Dip. Comp. Sci., Dip. Comm. Cabinetry, M.Des.

    playground technical designer, always boring, never bored

  • Earthscape Emily Clennett team headshot

    Emily Clennett


    playground technical designer, wooden toy maker, rower

  • Earthscape Emily Robertson team headshot

    Emily Robertson

    BA, OCT

    business administration, initial inquiry expert, swimmer, pokeman enthusiast

  • Earthscape Eric Dwyer team headshot

    Eric Dwyer

    R&D builder, installation foreman, bilingual metalurgist

  • Earthscape Eric Makinen team headshot

    Eric Makinen

    shop carpenter, jig master, musical-kid-at-heart

  • Earthscape Geoff Rhebergen team headshot

    Geoff Rhebergen

    BA, B.Ed.

    Collections team lead, supply chain organizer, hockey coach

  • Earthscape Glenn Johnston team headshot

    Glenn Johnston


    financial controller, Excel wizard, lover of coffee and camping

  • Earthscape Gord Macdonald team headshot

    Gord Macdonald

    Ph.D. Candidate

    wood nerd, antarctican, designer-builder

  • Earthscape Griffin Boerner team headshot

    Griffin Boerner

    yard lead hand, fisherman, sports enthusiast, hockey player

  • Earthscape Hannah Wright (currently on leave) team headshot

    Hannah Wright (currently on leave)

    B.Sc., CPSI

    service manager, R&D planner, aspiring market gardener

  • Earthscape Indi Villanueva team headshot

    Indi Villanueva

    sawmill operator, yard maintenance, fossil collector, trail runner

  • Earthscape Ismael Velo team headshot

    Ismael Velo


    concept designer (Amsterdam office), industrial designer, lindy hop dancer

  • Earthscape Jacob Gorveatt team headshot

    Jacob Gorveatt

    B.Sc., MLA

    junior project manager, baseball fanatic, good appetite

  • Earthscape James Domm team headshot

    James Domm

    technical design, cat dad, multi-instrumentalist

  • Earthscape Janelle Zwart team headshot

    Janelle Zwart


    project manager, interior designer, hiker-biker

  • Earthscape Jeff Edgar team headshot

    Jeff Edgar

    Toronto installation manager, organizer, sports news junkie

  • Earthscape Jennifer Straus team headshot

    Jennifer Straus

    accounting administration, photographer, snowboarder, mom of 3

  • Earthscape Joel Lee team headshot

    Joel Lee


    engineering team lead, metal specialist, never met a bike he couldn’t ride

  • Earthscape Joost van Haaster team headshot

    Joost van Haaster


    playground designer (Amsterdam office), project manager, plant lover, traveler

  • Earthscape Joshua Robertson team headshot

    Joshua Robertson

    wood processing, photographer, painter

  • Earthscape Julian Kennedy team headshot

    Julian Kennedy

    wood processing, terrible golfer, pizza lover

  • Earthscape Kacey Logel team headshot

    Kacey Logel


    product development manager, backyard chicken and veggie farmer, sailor

  • Earthscape Keenan Carragher team headshot

    Keenan Carragher

    technical designer, amateur baker, buyer of books that just sit on a shelf

  • Earthscape Laura Hannah team headshot

    Laura Hannah


    project estimator, business analyst, soccer player

  • Earthscape Laura Hilliard team headshot

    Laura Hilliard

    BA, MA

    marketing, social media, communications/public relations, yoga poser

  • Earthscape Leah Martin (currently on leave) team headshot

    Leah Martin (currently on leave)


    human resources, tech supporter, ultimate frisbee champ

  • Earthscape Lisa Morrison team headshot

    Lisa Morrison


    Collections support specialist, blue jays fan, traveler, movie lover

  • Earthscape Mark Schwarz team headshot

    Mark Schwarz

    P.Eng, Hort. Tech.

    engineering brain, playground zany idea guy, "grandpa"

  • Earthscape Matt (Matthew) Wigmore team headshot

    Matt (Matthew) Wigmore

    supply chain specialist, pug owner, california calm

  • Earthscape Matt Tolton team headshot

    Matt Tolton

    Arch. Millwright

    technical designer, sculpture expert, safe cracker

  • Earthscape Mei Ling team headshot

    Mei Ling

    BA, SCOM

    materials coordinator, inventory manager, mom

  • Earthscape Melissa Quinn team headshot

    Melissa Quinn


    playground (development), educator, mixed-media artist

  • Earthscape   Michael Lawrence team headshot

    Michael Lawrence

    construction labourer, self proclaimed chef, music

  • Earthscape Michael Larsen team headshot

    Michael Larsen

    BPE, Dip. SIM , CPSI

    playground construction foreperson, traveler, outdoor adventurer, east coast vibe

  • Earthscape Mitch Lavigne team headshot

    Mitch Lavigne

    yard manager, log sanding supervisor, vegetable grower

  • Earthscape Nat (Nathaniel) Grant team headshot

    Nat (Nathaniel) Grant

    BLA, OALA Associate, CPSI

    playground designer + project manager, digital media expert, photographer

  • Earthscape Nathan McCutcheon team headshot

    Nathan McCutcheon

    playground carpenter, boat lover, downhill skiier

  • Earthscape Nathan Schleicher team headshot

    Nathan Schleicher

    BA, CPSI

    concept design lead, industrial artist, 'maker-space' enthusiast

  • Earthscape Nathan Bennett team headshot

    Nathan Bennett

    playground carpenter, hiker, charcuterie platter lover, rock climber

  • Earthscape Niek de Jong team headshot

    Niek de Jong


    concept designer (Amsterdam office), industrial designer, piano player

  • Earthscape Nish Dholakiya team headshot

    Nish Dholakiya


    IT support + analyst, gamer, cricket geek

  • Earthscape Noel Sanchez team headshot

    Noel Sanchez

    playground carpenter, builder, metalhead

  • Earthscape Randy Bauman team headshot

    Randy Bauman

    playground install manager, playground carpenter, log jam expert, fisherman

  • Earthscape Ross Ricupero team headshot

    Ross Ricupero

    B.ASc., M.Arch.

    playground designer, render wizard, architecture aficionado

  • Earthscape Ryan Carter team headshot

    Ryan Carter

    sawmill operator, family cyclist, foodie + meat smoker

  • Earthscape Ryan Poetker team headshot

    Ryan Poetker


    junior data analyst, guitarist, baseball and basketball enthusiast

  • Earthscape Samantha Gorgi team headshot

    Samantha Gorgi


    office support specialist, hockey goalie coach, adventurer

  • Earthscape Scott Barry team headshot

    Scott Barry

    playground carpenter, shop lead hand, ski instructor

  • Earthscape Scott Seguin team headshot

    Scott Seguin

    yard management, log processing + kitting, Toronto Blue Jay + Raptors fan

  • Earthscape Sean Archer team headshot

    Sean Archer

    playground technical designer, music lover, weekend brunch creator

  • Earthscape Seth Duncan team headshot

    Seth Duncan

    installation construction foreperson, boy dad, DIY artist

  • Earthscape Shannon Jackson team headshot

    Shannon Jackson


    HR generalist, avid traveler, yogi, backyard farmer

  • Earthscape Steve Cooper team headshot

    Steve Cooper

    playground technical designer, creatively wired, home CNC enthusiast, aspiring globe-trotter

  • Earthscape Stephane Cobey team headshot

    Stephane Cobey

    installation labourer, dog lover, camper, hiker

  • Earthscape Svitlana Miklushys team headshot

    Svitlana Miklushys

    administrative assistant, accountant, traveler, crochet doll maker

  • Earthscape Tatiana Zakharova-Goodman team headshot

    Tatiana Zakharova-Goodman

    MLA, Ph.D. candidate

    playground designer, play theorist, podcast devotee, 2018 LAF Olmsted Scholar

  • Earthscape Tirth Dalal team headshot

    Tirth Dalal

    BE, MBA

    supply chain administration, roller coaster enthusiast, trekker

  • Earthscape Tracey Canavan team headshot

    Tracey Canavan


    contracts analyst, multi-lingual, proud mom, shoe aficionado

  • Earthscape Tyler Dunk team headshot

    Tyler Dunk

    technical designer, meditator/yogi, outdoor lover

  • Earthscape Tyler Freeman team headshot

    Tyler Freeman

    playground carpenter, furniture maker, backcountry paddler, soccer player

  • Earthscape Ty (Tyler) Thorndyke team headshot

    Ty (Tyler) Thorndyke

    technical designer, hockey bender, burger enthusiast