Design Process

What is the larger vision for the space? Can the playground contribute meaning to the site? Can the site’s history and character be brought to life in the playground’s sculptures and structures? How can the playground organically fit with its surroundings?

The goal of the design process is to create awe-inspiring play spaces that engage and delight every visitor, young and old. The approach can build upon your brilliant ideas or begin with concepts generated from scratch. Using techniques and training from our background in landscape architecture and industrial design, we consider play value and beauty from the entire site down to minute details.

Hand sketches of Earthscape concepts

Brilliant Concepts

  • Themes and concepts are explored in hand sketches
  • Design ideas are discussed in collaboration with the client to select a meaningful design concept for 3D modelling
Sketch of an Earthscape playground concept

Enrichment of Play Value and Accessibility

  • Play value, accessibility, inclusive design and safety form the heart of the design development process as concepts become 3D models
  • Details are added to maximize play value and experience

Meticulous Detail & Engineering

  • Designs are reviewed and approved by engineers and certified playground safety inspectors
  • Intricate 3D models are detailed for fabrication

Handcrafting of Quality Structures

  • Structures are hand crafted in our state-of-the-art fabrication facility
  • Our diverse team of experts work collaboratively to ensure an exceptional standard of quality is achieved

Experienced Installation Supervision

  • Play structures are shipped to site and installed under Earthscape’s supervision ensuring high quality throughout the entire process

Iterative Design & Service

  • With an emphasis on high-quality materials, maintenance programs and warranty are integral to our post-installation service.
  • Our design approach is cyclical: after a period of time, we seek client feedback and conduct post-occupancy playground evaluations to inform future designs.

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