“We got the Beet” – when playground designers make a music video

When the City of Fort Collins first discussed their ideas for their upcoming playground, we were intrigued. They were interested in creating a playground to tell the story of the historic sugar beet industry in Northern Colorado. Specifically, they had a vision for an over-sized beet play structure. Our whole team was excited to get started. A root-vegetable-turned-giant-play-sculpture! Who would have thought?

The sugar beet, or “the beet,” was designed to be a playful sculpture with loads of active play options. Prior to installation at Sugar Beet Park in Fort Collins, the beet sculpture was the centrepiece of a museum exhibit entitled “Once Upon a Playground.” The exhibit documented the evolution of playgrounds in the United States from the 1900s through to today.

As the beet moved from the hand-sketch design phase, into engineering and finally handcrafting in our shop, we couldn’t help ourselves – “We’ve Got the Beat” became our unofficial office theme song. The song was infectious. As a result, the design team pulled together their musical talents for a cover. In tribute, we made our first ever Earthscape MUSIC VIDEO!

Take a minute to enjoy our musical interlude – with thanks to the glorious 80’s and to the Go-Go’s!